The Truth About Weapons for Self-Defense

There is an endless supply of self-defense products on the market claiming to stop attackers in their tracks. Companies and individuals promoting these products are pretty good at spreading misinformation and inflating the effectiveness of these devices. Below are the most common self-defense weapons and some of the pros and cons of each.

Personalizing Your Self-Defense Plan: 5 Things to Consider

There's no question, most people are eager to learn self-defense. They will read self-defense blogs, watch a few YouTube videos, and perhaps take some training. However, all too often the planning stops there. What you need to do is adapt your self-defense skill set to your personal life and circumstances. As long as there is a disconnect between your training and your circumstances, you will not get the maximum benefit from your training.

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Emergency “SoS” Features on Your Mobile Devices

Calling for help can be a challenge. There are no shortage of "panic button' type devices that you can buy, most of which require a monthly subscription. With the press of a button, these devices can call 911 and text a message and your location to a list of contacts. If you already own [...]

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The Truth About Self-Defense: It’s a Lifestyle

Almost without exception, when I get an inquiry about self-defense training it is from people wanting to learn physical techniques that will allow them to escape from someone who is bigger, stronger, faster and determined to harm them. The reality of the matter is this. The overwhelming majority of problems can be avoided through good decision making, situational awareness and by making self-defense a lifestyle. If you make yourself an easy target and do not foresee and avoid trouble before it becomes a physical altercation, your chances of prevailing unharmed greatly diminish.

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