Knees and Elbows for Self-Defense

Proximity to your attacker will dictate the hand-to-hand combatives you use to defend yourself. When your attacker is very close, punches and kicks may not be an option. Knees and elbows are excellent choices when it comes to delivering powerful blows when your attacker is very close. Here are some of advantages of using knees and elbows, targets and ways to strike effectively.

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Projecting Power Through Verbal Control

If you exercise good situational awareness, you may be able to utilize verbal control to diffuse a situation before it turns physical. Verbal control is defined as using verbal communication in a forceful, definitive manner to influence a situation. Being forceful is more than physical action. A forceful presence also involves mindset, attitude and verbal communication.

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The Role of Physical Fitness in Self-Defense

One of the most important factors in determining the outcome of a confrontation is often times physical fitness. Unfortunately, fitness is often neglected in self-defense training. A solid foundation of agility, balance, strength and endurance will be needed when in threatening situations. With a little planning and consistency, fitness can be a fun, routine part of your training regimen.

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Pinch Your Way Out of a Dangerous Situation

The most basic, easy to execute self-defense techniques are usually the most effective. When faced with stress, danger and fear our bodies operate in a diminished capacity. It is important to keep this in mind when practicing self-defense techniques that must be applied in a variety of circumstances. The more simple a technique is to execute, the better. Pinching is a self-defense technique that can be used against attackers regardless of your age, gender or physical ability. Pinching is by no means a way to "finish" an attacker or cause serious injury. Rather it is a way to inflict pain, cause a flinch reaction and create an avenue of escape.

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