Plegium Smart Pepper Spray Review: Best Non-Lethal Personal Safety Product

The Plegium Smart Pepper Spray is in a league of its own. There is no other personal safety device on the market that offers the combination of features, ease-of-use, and effectiveness as the Smart Pepper Spray. If you want the most full-featured, non-lethal personal safety device available, I can strongly recommend the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray for you and your loved ones.

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Everyday Carry for Self-Defense: 4 Necessities

People are constantly asking about the best everyday carry for self-defense. They are confused by the plethora of self-defense devices being marketed such as tasers, stun guns, lipstick knives and the list goes on and on. The reality of the matter is this. When it comes to non-lethal options for self-defense, there are four essentials that no one should be without.

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Tactical Flashlight: A Self-Defense Necessity

A purpose-built, "tactical" flashlight is one of the most important tools you can carry for self-defense. A flashlight can be used to safely illuminate dark areas from a distance, as an impact weapon, and to identify targets before using force. When acquiring a flashlight, it's important to understand how it will be used, as the use dictates the requirements.

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A Tragic Example of the Dangers of Interacting with Panhandlers

Interacting with panhandlers is not recommended and can be extremely dangerous. Panhandlers' situations are rarely what they portray. Often times panhandlers have ulterior motives that are violent in nature.

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Self-Defense: Three Things to Prioritize

Self-defense can be overwhelming. There are many aspects, lots of information (good and bad), and often times confusion around what works and what doesn't. This alone makes it hard to know where to begin in regard to training and making self-defense habitual. Here are three things you can do right now to improve your safety.

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Top Picks: Self-Defense Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Holidays are the perfect time to invest in the safety of your loved ones. Something as simple as a canister of pepper spray, basic knowledge of self-defense principles, or a readily available flashlight can make a difference when faced with uncertainty. Below are our top picks when it comes to highly effective, easy-to-use self-defense tools.

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How to Tell if Someone is Carrying a Weapon

The ability to determine if someone is carrying a weapon is crucial to your self-defense. Often times there are telltale signs that someone is carrying a weapon before it is overtly displayed. Here are some things you need to know in order to determine if someone is armed.

The Truth About Weapons for Self-Defense

There is an endless supply of self-defense products on the market claiming to stop attackers in their tracks. Companies and individuals promoting these products are pretty good at spreading misinformation and inflating the effectiveness of these devices. Below are the most common self-defense weapons and some of the pros and cons of each.