Self-Defense: Getting Your Loved Ones Onboard

Self-defense involves more than just ourselves. We must accept responsibility for the safety of our loved ones. Just as important, we must make them active participants in their personal protection. Here are some things you can do to make self-defense a family endeavor.

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Force Multipliers: Overcoming a Disparity of Force

A self-defense force multiplier is an attribute that dramatically increases the effectiveness of a technique or weapon. Force multipliers are often justified when a disparity of force exists. Disparity of force is defined as a situation that any reasonable person would conclude places you at an overwhelming disadvantage in your effort to protect yourself against immediate and serious bodily injury. Understanding force multipliers and when to use them will help you prevail when the odds are against you.

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Cold Weather: How It Affects Your Self-Defense

This morning I awoke to sub-zero temperatures. Cold weather is most often associated with being uncomfortable. Cold weather has serious implications regarding your self-defense that need to be mitigated. Your must test your self-defense plans and actions in all environments you will face.

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How to Handle a Verbal Antagonizer

Suddenly, you are in a situation where you are being verbally attacked. You must take immediate action for your personal safety. Your conditioned response may prevent verbal aggression from easily escalating into a physical attack. Here are six things you can do to diffuse verbal aggression.

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Self-Defense: Training Never Ends

Self-defense training is a journey that never ends. Learning is constant as we live in a dynamic world with new and adapting threats. One of the biggest assets one can have is an open mind. Very few things are constant or absolute. Expose yourself to a variety of training. Here are some areas of training and resources to consider.

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The Grey Man Concept: Going Unnoticed

When in public places, such as transitional spaces, it's best to go unnoticed. The less attention you draw, the better. A "grey man" is a person who goes unnoticed by blending in with the environment and not stimulating others. Learning how to "go grey" will help keep you out of criminals' cross hairs. Here are four things you need to know to stay under the radar.

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Pinch Your Way Out of a Dangerous Situation

The most basic, easy to execute self-defense techniques are usually the most effective. When faced with stress, danger and fear our bodies operate in a diminished capacity. It is important to keep this in mind when practicing self-defense techniques that must be applied in a variety of circumstances. The more simple a technique is to execute, the better. Pinching is a self-defense technique that can be used against attackers regardless of your age, gender or physical ability. Pinching is by no means a way to "finish" an attacker or cause serious injury. Rather it is a way to inflict pain, cause a flinch reaction and create an avenue of escape.

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