Smart Pepper Spray: The Most Advanced Personal Safety Device

When fired with the press of a button, the Smart Pepper Spray activates five functions designed to keep you safe and summon help.

Pepper Spray LED Strobe Alarm Emergency Texts Phone Calls

Smart Pepper Spray by Plegium
Plegium Smart Pepper Spray
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$49.95 - 4 Year Battery Life (No Recharging Necessary)

For about $1/month, you can arm yourself and your loved ones with the most advanced personal safety product available. Once activated and emergency contacts have been designated, you will be protected for up to 4 years. No recharging of the battery is necessary. Should you encounter danger, just press the button and all features of the Smart Pepper Spray will be activated.
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Smart Pepper Spray Features

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Ready to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones with the
Most Advanced Personal Safety Device Available?

No other personal safety device does the following with the press of one button:

  • Dispenses a powerful stream of pepper spray that is effective against those under the influence of drugs and alcohol, as well as dogs.
  • Sounds an alarm that can alert help and scare off an attacker.

  • Activates three blinking strobe LEDs to help you aim the pepper spray, disorient the attacker and draw attention to the crime scene.

  • Sends text messages to your emergency contacts with a link to a Google map of your location.

  • Calls emergency contacts, informs them you’re in trouble and alerts them to check text messages for your location.

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Plegium Smart Pepper Spray