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Founder of Mindful Defense™, an effective system of self-defense for all skill levels regardless of age, gender or physical ability. David is a full-time martial arts and self-defense instructor at his studio, Overland Park Karate, in Overland Park, KS.

Off-Body Carrying of a Firearm: Don’t Do It

Off-body carrying of a firearm is simply carrying your weapon in a manner that it is not attached to your body in a fixed, stable location. Off-body carry includes things like purses and stowing a gun under the seat of your car. Off-body carry has many drawbacks, many of which will render your firearm inaccessible in the dynamics of a lethal force confrontation. For the average citizen, off-body carry should be a last resort.

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Calling For Help: Alerting Others You Are In Trouble

Calling for help seems like it would be one of the most basic, natural things one could do. You scream bloody murder and the cavalry comes running to your rescue, right? The truth of the matter is, there's a good chance no one will hear you, and if they do, they won't help you. Most people will not want to intervene in a violent situation, or may simply assume someone else will help.

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Time Lag Posting: Keep it Safe on Social Media

Most people would never dream of going up to robbers, thieves and violent criminals and letting them know where they are going to be and when. No one would let a robber know when no one will be home. However, this is exactly what happens when pictures are posted to social media portraying the location and persons involved in events as they are happening. It is human nature to want to share memorable times with others, but it doesn't have to put you and your family at risk.

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Know When to Leave

Socializing in the presence of others is unavoidable. We all go out to eat, gather to watch sports, and meet friends on the town. All of these situations put us around people we know nothing about. This becomes extremely dangerous when a conflict arises, regardless of whether or not you are directly involved. When someone gets unruly and is asked to leave an establishment, what follows can be extremely dangerous and often times is. As a general rule, if someone gets asked to leave an establishment you are in, you should leave as well.

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Armed Citizen: Asset or Liability?

The concealed carry of firearms is legal in almost all states. More citizens are carrying firearms for personal protection than ever before. Each of these citizens makes a choice, either intentionally or not. As an armed citizen are they going to be an asset or liability to society? The training required to get a concealed carry license does little to make a person proficient in weapon manipulation.

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Lessons from the Oroville Dam Evacuation

Imagine this. With no warning you are told you have 1 hour to gather your stuff and evacuate your home because it is danger of being washed away. Sounds like a nightmare, right? For about 200,000 people in California it was a reality. Losing your possessions is nothing compared to losing your life or having your safety severely compromised because you have been displaced without a plan. This blog will show you how to mitigate the risks involved with the sudden displacement of your family and the associated chaos.

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What To Do When You Hear an Intruder in the Night

Awakening to an alarming sound in the night is a scary event. Adding the dynamics of children and darkness to the equation makes dealing with an intruder a very complex situation. Proper planning and training is necessary to address the dynamics of a home invasion. Here are four steps to take to prepare yourself for the unexpected.

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Protecting Yourself From Date Rape Drugs

An overwhelming majority of sexual assaults involve substances commonly known as date rape drugs. Alcohol is the most common date rape drug. You will not be able to defend against date rape drugs once the symptoms become apparent. Drink safely by focusing on prevention and remaining in close proximity to your friends. Here are some easy-to-implement practices that will allow you to stay safe when drinking in public.

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Knees and Elbows for Self-Defense

Proximity to your attacker will dictate the hand-to-hand combatives you use to defend yourself. When your attacker is very close, punches and kicks may not be an option. Knees and elbows are excellent choices when it comes to delivering powerful blows when your attacker is very close. Here are some of advantages of using knees and elbows, targets and ways to strike effectively.

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