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Walking Trails: Are They Safe?

Walking trails are attractive to all walks of life. They provide a scenic path for joggers, dog walkers, cyclists and those just wanting to have a beautiful place to explore and enjoy. Walking trails are off the beaten path. They are often secluded, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But are they safe? It is the same traits that make walking trails attractive that also make them dangerous.

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How To Use Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is proven to be extremely effective for self-defense. It is safe with proper handling, yet effectively diminishes the capacity of an animal or human threat. Pepper spray canisters are widely available and legal to carry in jurisdictions. When used properly, pepper spray is a valuable part of your personal protection plan. Here are five things you need to do in order to effectively deploy pepper spray.

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How to Handle a Verbal Antagonizer

Suddenly, you are in a situation where you are being verbally attacked. You must take immediate action for your personal safety. Your conditioned response may prevent verbal aggression from easily escalating into a physical attack. Here are six things you can do to diffuse verbal aggression.

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Safety Practices for Women Runners

Running outside is generally considered a safe sport. However, as with any activity that takes you out and about in the world, it definitely has its risks for predator assault. Women are especially vulnerable to assailants due to our strength and size. Women runners, therefore need to stay smart and balance personal safety practices with the way we love to run.

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Importance of Mindfulness in Self-Defense

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is awareness. It is a state of mind that can be trained, enhanced and made very powerful through consistent daily training. A Mindful Defense mindset is what will make the difference in your ability to anticipate and react rationally and effectively. A mindful person is by second nature keenly aware of their here and now situational experience. They are in tune to their breathing, mind and body responses, and have control over their ability to stay sharp and persevere should the need arise.

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